YG revealed the 2nd member, netizens confirmed this must be their most favourite group

Another member was revealed for the 2nd group to debut after the “YG Treasure Box”.

After the first member is revealed yesterday (Jan 30th), Yang CEO continued to reveal the 2nd member of the next boygroup of “YG Treasure Box”. As expected and hoped by fans, Mashiho – a male trainee from Japan – is the next one to debut.

Mashiho – the second puzzle piece of YG’s upcoming boygroup after TREASURE.

Mashiho was born in 2001. He is a multi-talented trainee with the stable ability to dance and sing well. Besides, Mashiho can also rap and be the center of the group. With lovely appearance along with undeniable talent, Mashiho owns himself a large fanbase which is supporting his debut.

Mashiho is a multitalented member of YG’s new boygroup.

Before, netizens were furious because YG didn’t let talented trainees like Yoonbin or Mashiho debuts with TREASURE – the first boygroup of “YG Treasure Box”. But now fans seem to be satisfied with the newly revealed 2 members. Many even commented that this line-up might be able to beat TREASURE with these promising members.

Ha Yoonbin…
…and Mashiho are the first 2 names to appear in the second line-up to debut from the show “YG Treasure Box”.

Sources: k14

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