Kim Hee Chul, “The money I lent acquaintances = a foreign car, but no one pays back except for Shin Dong”

Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul revealed the enormous amount of money he has lost by lending it to other people.

In the 131st episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment show, “20th Century Hit Song”, which aired on September 23rd, Kim Hee Chul and other cast members discussed classic hit songs which cannot be stopped once they started playing. 

On this day, Kim Min Ah told Kim Hee Chul that Lee Jung Hyun’s song “Change” was a song about betrayal, and asked if the male idol has been betrayed before. 

Hearing this question, Kim Hee Chul answered, “Except for Shin Dong, none of the people I lent money to returned it to me. I definitely felt that if I lend people money, I will lose my relationship with them.”

Then, the Super Junior member surprised everyone by revealing, “If you add up the money that I lent to acquaintances, it’s the price of a foreign car.” 

Source: daum

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