Rumors of a conflict when Son Na-eun left Apink?…. Here is Jung Eun-ji’s reaction when she met her former member recently 

Son Na-eun, a former member of girl group Apink, made a long post on her SNS account after meeting Jung Eun-ji.

Son Na-eun attended Seoul Drama Awards 2022, which was held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on September 22nd, as a presenter. The MC of this award ceremony was Jung Eun-ji. She’s the first member Son Na-eun met at a public event after leaving Apink.

In particular, fans captured the moment when Jung Eun-ji followed Son Na-eun as she went backstage after finishing her job as an award presenter. 

After the award ceremony, Son Na-eun left a message on her Instagram Story, saying “Today, I met the people whom I feel grateful to and wanted to meet after a long time. They really stayed at the same place with the same mind as we promised. Let’s continue to work hard in our respective places like we’ve been doing until now and meet again someday. I will never forget that and I’d be very thankful if you could show up with cheers on the day we meet again”.

Earlier in April, Son Na-eun decided to withdraw from Apink. At that time, Apink’s agency IST Entertainment announced Apink’s group activities but Son Na-eun left the group due to schedule conditions caused by the delay of the comeback schedule. 

At the time of Son Na-eun’s departure from the group, many fans criticized the female idol and her agency. In addition, some even raised rumors of discord between the members.

However, Son Na-eun dismissed the discord rumors by continuing to cheer for Apink’s comeback even after she left the group. She said, “Are you enjoying the 10th-anniversary album ‘HORN’ that we’ve prepared for a long time? I’m sad that we can’t be together for this promotion, but please love the album a lot because we worked very hard on it and support the members”.

Source: wikitree

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