Top 50 albums of Kpop boy groups with the highest sales in 2021 so far: Can NCT Dream compete with BTS?

Let’s update the rankings of 50 Kpop boy group albums with the highest sales in 2021 after many groups have had comebacks such as BTS, EXO, NCT Dream, TXT, The Boyz…

Although Kpop female idols have recently recorded impressive album sales, in general, when it comes to physical sales, the influence of male idols is still more prominent. Particularly, in the comebacks with albums from the beginning of 2021 until now of male idol groups and male soloists, every name in the top 10 has recorded sales exceeding the milestone of half a million copies.

Earlier in the first half of 2021, NCT Dream was the most outstanding group with significant sales of their 1st full album ‘Hot Sauce’. However, there were many other senior groups making comebacks later that are also known for their selling power, such as BTS, EXO, and SEVENTEEN. So was NCT Dream able to maintain its position?


Gaon is a physical album statistical chart based on the total number of albums shipped from record labels/distributors (different from Hanteo, which only counts actual sales). Gaon’s data is often credited as a source at year-end music awards in Korea.

Let’s take a look at the Top 50 Kpop boy group / male soloists’ albums with the highest sales in 2021 up to now according to data from Gaon.

Note: The rankings below only counts albums released from the beginning of 2021. Sales are calculated from January 1, 2021 to August 15, 2021.

From rank 50 to rank 41

50th place: Series ‘O’ [Round 1: Hall] – VERIVERY (68.2k copies)

49th place: Fade – Han Seungwoo (71k copies)

48th place: Right Through Me – DAY6 (Even of Day) (71.1k copies)

47th place: Salute: A New Hope – AB6IX (71.7k copies)

46th place: ONF: My Name – ONF (76.2k copies)

45th place: Set – WOODZ (84.6k copies)

44th place: City of ONF – ONF (86.7k copies)

43rd place: Popping – ONF (87.1k copies)

42nd place: Identity : Action – WEi (89.9k copies)

41st place: Be My Reason – Hwang Chiyeul (93.7k copies)

The song ‘Two Letters’ from Hwang Chiyeul’s ‘Be My Reason’ album

From 40th to 31st place

From 40th to 31st place

40th place: 2nd Desire [Tasty] – Kim Wooseok (96.7k copies)

39th place: Waterfall – B.I (99.7k copies)

38th place: Mo’ Complete: Have a Dream – AB6IX (102.5k copies)

37th place: Binary Code – ONEUS (102.7k copies)

36th place: Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us – Wonho (104.4k copies)

35th place: The Blowing – HIGHLIGHT (108.8k copies)

34th place: VOICE: The Future is Now – VICTON (109.7k copies)

33rd place: The Book of Us: Negentropy – DAY6 (110.1k copies)

32nd place: Beautiful Night – Yesung (112.4k copies)

31st place: LOVE or TAKE – PENTAGON (112.8k copies)

The song ‘DO or NOT’ from the album ‘LOVE or TAKE’ by PENTAGON

From 30th to 21st

30th place: riBBon – BamBam (113.1k copies)

29th place: Yes. – Golden Child (114k copies)

28th place: ​​Devil – ONEUS (118.4k copies)

27th place: Page – Kang Seungyoon (122.2k copies)

26th place: Game Changer – Golden Child (131.7k copies)

25th place: Advice – Taemin (134.9k copies)

24th place: Must – 2PM (141.1k copies)

23rd place: Atlantis – SHINee (145.4k copies)

22nd place: Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice – CRAVITY (176.5k copies)

21st place: Turn Over – SF9 (186.1k copies)

The song ‘Tear Drop’ from SF9’s ‘Turn Over’ album

From 20th to 11th place

20th place: Noir – U-Know (201.1k copies)

19th place: Romanticize – NU’EST (206.2k copies)

18th place: Switch On – ASTRO (281.5k copies)

17th place: Empathy – D.O. (282.6k copies)

16th place: Don’t Call Me – SHINee (301k copies)

15th place: Yellow – Kang Daniel (318.7k copies)

14th place: The First Step: Treasure Effect – TREASURE (336.9k copies)

13th place: One of a Kind – MONSTA X (351.3k copies)

12th place: All Yours – ASTRO (359k copies)

11th place: The Renaissance – Super Junior (480.2k copies)

The song ‘House Party’ of Super Junior’s ‘The Renaissance’ album

From 10th to 1st place

10th place: ZERO: FEVER Part.2 – ATEEZ

Released: March 2021

Current sales: 502.2k copies


9th place: Thrill-ing – THE BOYZ

Released: August 2021

Current sales: 523.6k copies (only released 1 week)


8th place: Border: Carnival – ENHYPEN

Released: April 2021

Current sales: 664.8k copies


7th place: The Chaos Chapter: Freeze – TXT

Released: May 2021

Current sales: 808k copies


6th place: Bambi – Baekhyun

Released: March 2021

Current sales: 1.01 million copies


5th place: Hello Future – NCT DREAM

Released: June 2021

Current sales: 1.25 million copies


4th place: Don’t Fight The Feeling – EXO

Released: June 2021

Current sales: 1.3 million copies


3rd place: Your Choice – SEVENTEEN

Released: June 2021

Current sales: 1.47 million copies


2nd place: Hot Sauce – NCT DREAM

Released: May 2021

Current sales: 2.05 million copies


1st place: Butter – BTS

Released: July 2021

Current sales: 2.49 million copies

The title track ‘Butter’ is included in BTS’ CD single album of the same name

Congratulations to all Kpop male idols whose albums were honored in the rankings. Which album is your favorite? Please share your thoughts!

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