Kim Se-jung: “Newbie Nam Yoon-soo and I, who are so different, will look so cute together” (Today’s Webtoon)

“Today’s Webtoon” captured the cute interaction between Kim Se-jung and Nam Yoon-soo.

SBS’ new Friday and Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon” (scripted by Jo Ye-rang, Lee Jae-eun/directed by Jo Soo-won, and Kim Young-hwan) released a still cut of actors Kim Se-jung and Nam Yoon-soo on July 19th.

The released still cut included On Ma-eum (played by Kim Se-jung) and Koo Joon-young (played by Nam Yoon-soo), who joined the Neon Webtoon editorial department as colleagues. The point to note here is Joon-young’s struggle to overcome the situation and how Ma-eum held the large standing signboard the size of a person’s body for Jun-young, carrying boxes together and showing her motivation with all her heart.

On Ma-eum and Joon-young have different motives, from their background, profile, personality and values of their growth. Contrary to Ma-eum’s experiences of various part-time jobs as an athlete, Jun-young is a newbie young man who has always been on an elite course. Also, if the Neon editorial department to Ma-eum is a fantasy space that will make her second dream come true, it is a place for Joon-young to escape to go to the core department of the company.

Above all, the audiences don’t understand the situation in which Joon-young, who has lived as an honor student all his life, is treated as an inferior staff in the department because he doesn’t know much about cartoons, but what they can’t understand even more is “On Ma-eum.” In her view, she is always enthusiastic in everything she is given, and her positive mind is frustrating in some situations. Many are curious on how Jun-young will have feelings for Ma-eum, who is unlikely to have a sense of affection for his colleagues, and how they will be reborn as the strongest newbies in Neon Webtoon editorial.

About the expectation regarding Kim Se-jung and Nam Yoon-soo’s chemistry, Kim Se-jung said, “They’re so different that I think they’ll look really cute to the viewers. When I’m with Nam Yoon-soo, I also find myself smiling without realizing it,” she said, giving their chemistry a perfect score. Nam Yoon-soo said, “I still want to give 70 points to our chemistry. Since there are many chemistry left to fill in the future, I want to leave the remaining 30 points until the end of the drama,” he said, stressing on how the story will go later on.

Meanwhile, “Today’s Webtoon” is a drama that depicts the dynamic office life of the webtoon industry, and the level-up growth story of the newbie webtoon editors who just stepped into the world. The first episode will air on July 29th as the follow-up to “Why Her.”

Source: daum

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