YG drummer shows 6-pack abs after a spectacular weight loss

Korean artists losing weight is no longer uncommon to the public. However, to be able to completely transform in a different style is what impresses many people.

Recently, the young drummer of YG has posted on his personal account a series of spectacular weight-loss photos that surprised many people.

Lee Dong Keun was born in 1997, is 6ft tall and is a member of the South Club band. He is a drummer of the group and also a trainee under YG. Although not too outstanding with activities in the entertainment industry, thanks to the spectacular weight loss, Lee Dong Keun is one of the hottest keywords online today.

Not just looks, Lee Dong Keun’s face also changed to become more angular and masculine. According to many comments, from the time he was chubby, he already had clear facial features. And if before, Lee Dong Geun was a “cute chubby guy”, then in the present, he is a charming and attractive man.

Lee Dong Keun said that in order to get the desired body, he had to go through a hard time of training. When posting his results, he shared: “I have just taken a photo showing off my body as an avatar that I’ve never dreamt of in my life. Saying it’s perfect is a little embarrassing, but I managed to maintain my will during training, I was overweight and used to fail to lose weight, so this experience made me feel very proud! “

According to Lee Dong Keun, thanks to this spectacular weight loss, he is more confident than before. Now, he is proud to take photos showing off his achievements on social media. Besides, the young drummer of YG also said that he has learned more about perseverance and diligence thanks to the strict weight loss process.

Currently, his weight loss result is receiving countless congratulations from the online community. While the fangirls are praising his perfect body, the boys use this as their motivation to practice and improve their bodies.

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