In celebration of her first single album release, Yena joined for a talk about “Love War” and her one-year experience as a solo artist 

Yena is heading towards being a multi-talented artist who can show various sides of herself through music.

On the afternoon of the 16th, a showcase was held at the culture complex Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul to commemorate the release of singer Yena’s first single album “Love War.” 

A collaboration with BE’O and Colde 

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Choi Yena made a comeback in about five months since “SMARTPHONE” in August last year. Instead of her bright and cheerful appearance, Yena took on a darker appearance. Introducing it as “a song that feels completely different from the songs I’ve shown so far,” Yena attempted to show a new aspect of herself from her images in previous releases. 

Her album “Love War” expresses the process the most precarious and bleak period of a relationship and explores the unfinished inner feelings and inidividuals stories of the lovers just before the ultimate breakup. Yena and BE’O took up the roles of lovers and performed the song with direct lyrics and groovy melodies. Three songs in the album are used to convey the honest aspects of being in love. 


BE’O is also drawing attention for featuring in this album. When asked of the background of her collaboration with the rapper, Yena said that when she listened to the song with Colde, she “naturally thought that there was no one [more fit than] BE’O as a featured artist.” She proposed to BE’O about the collaboration and he accepted the offer. 

“I had such a good chemistry with BE’O, and the work was done as if the missing puzzle was placed,” she said. “I am also a fan of songwriter Colde, so I feel like a successful fan. It was so amazing and [I was] happy while working on it. It was an honor to collaborate with my favorite artists,” she expressed. 

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In promoting for the song, Yena said, “This song ‘Love War’ is my song, but I like it so much that I listen to it every day. If you keep listening to this song, you may get tired of it, but I don’t know why, but I don’t get tired of it and it’s so good,” building excitement in fans. 

The 1st anniversary of Yena’s solo debut and growth

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According to OhmyNews, upon releasing the song, Yena also celebrated her first anniversary as a solo artist. When asked of what she felt in the past year, Yena said, “I lived a drama-like life for a year. I didn’t expect to debut as a soloist. I think debuting as a solo artist itself is growth and change.”

When asked of what was her focus on the album, Yena replied, “I focused on showing my own color and new side in music. I always have the idea of becoming a person who is good at not just one but many things, and I prepared with that thought again this time.”

choi yena

When Yena was asked what she aimed to achieve in the future, the singer answered, “My goal and dream is to constantly make new changes without limitations. There are many things I want to show you in the future. I will try more without fear of challenge. I am trying to create a good stage even for non-fans.”

Source: daum

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