“I’ll replace you if you refuse to expose your body”…”Hit the Spot”, controversy over the director’s abuse of power

An actress who appeared in the drama “Hit the Spot” exposed the director’s abuse of power.

On Feb 19th, actress A’s post was uploaded on many online communities. In the post, A confessed that “Hit the Spot” increased the level of exposure right before filming.

A was initially decided to expose to her underwear, but the director suddenly instructed her to expose from the upper body to the hip.


In particular, she claimed, “The director said she’d replace me if I refused to expose my body.”

A said, “I didn’t want to expose my body. It wasn’t because I was shy, but because I thought what if I only get offered this kind of role after filming the bed scene.”

A confessed, “I thought, ‘How long will I only play minor roles?’ I had a desire to go up even one step.”

A, who watched the drama on the day the episode was released, lamented, “In the 40-minute drama episode, my appearance was about 4 minutes, in which 2 minutes were the exposure scene. I didn’t watch the exposure scene twice.”


Finally, A shared, “People on set were gentle, and I felt that everyone was considerate of me. Why are my spirits down to this extent?

Many netizens criticized, “Aren’t the director and the production team forcing exposure with casting authority?” On the other hand, some people said, “There are some unreasonable points, but isn’t it the actor’s choice after all?”

Regarding the post, “Hit the Spot” told Xports News that they are “confirming”.

Starring Hani, Bae Woo Hee, Park Sun Ho and Choi Kwang Rok, “Hit the Spot” is a drama about the real sex story of women who want to know, do it right, and make it feel right, honestly and boldly. It first aired on Dec 23rd last year.

Source: Insight

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