“Fantasy Spot” Hani, “It was my first time filming a bed scene… It was fun”

Hani talked about the filming of her bed scene in the new drama “Fantasy Spot”.

On the morning of December 22nd, a press conference for Coupang Play’s original series “Fantasy Spot” was held at Josun Palace in Gangnam, Seoul. Hani, Bae Woo Hee, Park Sun Ho, Choi Kwang Rok, and director Lee Yoon Ah attended the event.

hani fantasy spot

Regarding 67.7% of people who said they couldn’t share secret things with friends, actor Bae Woo Hee said, “I gained a lot of courage while filming this work. When talking to my friends, I ask them whenever I am curious about something without hiding or worrying. That helps me feel more comfortable.”

When the result for respondents who said they felt little or no orgasm while having sex was revealed to be 40%, Hani said, “I’m embarrassed. I think it’s not easy to say this because it would upset the partner”. She continued, “I thought I should talk about this because it helped me while filming this drama”. 

hani fantasy spot

Afterward, Hani said, “It was my first time filming a bed scene. But I found it really interesting. I did feel burdened. It was my first time, and I was really scared just by hearing the word ‘bed scene’. However, I received great help from an instructor. There was a dance instructor who helped me with the bed scene. We discussed a lot, and that’s why I was able to act the scene comfortably. It was fun”.

Meanwhile, “Fantasy Spot” tells the story of Hee Jae (Hani), who has never felt love, and Mi Na (Bae Woo Hee), who only enjoys relationships without love, getting to know themselves while conducting sex counseling. It will premiere at 8 p.m. on December 23rd.

hani fantasy spot

Source: Daum

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