Woo Won Jae’s surprising answer when asked how he washed the only beanie he has been wearing for four years

Rapper Woo Won Jae mentioned his trademark beanie.

Woo Won-jae

Rappers Woo Won Jae and Coogie appeared on Channel A’s entertainment program “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Counseling Center,” which aired on Oct 28th, and received counseling from Oh Eun Young, a psychiatrist.

Woo Won-jae

While talking about jinx on the show, MC Park Na Rae asked Woo Won Jae, “Do you have a hat jinx?” while looking at the beanie hat Woo Won Jae wears every day.

Woo Won Jae answered, “I have only one hat (that I am wearing now). I have other types as well, but they are only used for special filming. I only have this beanie. It must be this beanie for me,” he confessed.

Woo Won-jae

“Even if they give me another beanie, I don’t wear it,” he said. “I’ve been wearing this beanie for four years now.”

When surprised Oh Eun Young asked, “How do you wash it then?” Woo Won Jae said, “I don’t wash it. I think it’s the energy (in the hat),” he said, surprised everyone.

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