Woo Won Jae: “I was shocked to see my father being assaulted” (‘Golden Counseling Center’)

Rapper Woo Won Jae confessed that he had anger over force majeure after witnessing his father being assaulted when he was young. 

Woo Won Jae talked about his personality, “I don’t usually care if I have something or not, but if I am hooked on something, I have to have it.” He said, “I recently bought more than 100 clothes. Furniture, too, I buy a few boxes of furniture-specialized books and read them all. I chose from them and decorate my house,” he said. 

Woo Won Jae Golden Counseling Center

He continued, “I suddenly thought about camping one day. I booked a camping site and bought a tent right away. I bought everything like tableware, chairs, and beds in a week.” 

Woo Won Jae said, “It’s been five years since I started making money, and I think I deserve to spend it. I can do it now because I’ve been working hard. I think I buy everything on impulse,” he confessed. 

Woo Won Jae Golden Counseling Center

Dr. Oh Eun Young said, “In terms of consumption and various aspects, you seem to have a problem regarding making an impulse decision.”

Woo Won Jae agreed and said, “I was surprised when my bank account number tattoo became a hot topic. I hadn’t used my account number before that, but I have to keep using it since my debut. I got my account number tattooed right away because it was so annoying,” he said.

Woo Won Jae Golden Counseling Center

He said, “I think I do things recklessly more than others even though I’m engraving on my body.” He also mentioned another impulsive decision. Woo Won Jae said, “I even canceled another album a month before its release. I was supposed to release an album in January, but I erased it all. I have an obsession that if I am going to do something, it should be the best.” 

Dr. Oh Eun Young said, “Your decisions seem to be firm and enthusiastic, but surprisingly, it is very difficult for you to decide. You are afraid you will fail or make a mistake. It is deeply related to your perfectionist characteristics. ‘If it’s not perfect, I don’t start at all’,” she pointed out. 

Woo Won Jae Golden Counseling Center

Woo Won Jae said, “I went to see an exhibition before and saw a visitor overpowering the curator. I got angry at that visitor. I came home that day and suffered from depression and guilt all day. If I were a more perfect person, I wouldn’t have regretted it, but I have a lot of these worries,” he confessed. ,

Woo Won Jae then thought about the cause of his anxiety according to Dr. Oh Eun Young’s advice. 

He said, “My father ran a car center when I was in elementary school. It was a black car, and a big customer who got off there hit my father. I saw it from the office, and my father just got hit with his arm behind him. The scene was so shocking to me. Maybe it’s because of those things that I have anger issue at not being able to do anything no matter how hard I try,” he said.

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