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WJSN Soo Bin: “I bought Coin when it was the most expensive, and now it’s -80%”

On Nov 17th, the YouTube channel “Yong Jin Health Center” posted a video featuring Exy, Soo Bin, and Seol Ah of the group WJSN as guests.

In the video, Lee Yong Jin asked about WJSN members’ financial status and financial techniques ahead of their seventh year after debut. Soo Bin then said, “I do Coin and stocks, but I bought it when it was the most expensive,” adding, “I bought it at 80,000 and at the highest level, and now I’m in the penthouse.”

wjsn soobin exy

At Soo Bin’s words, Exy revealed, “That’s why she always whines a lot when Coin’s price is not good.” Seol Ah also joined in, “Her feelings depend on the coin graph.” In response, Soo Bin said, “I think I had a hard time at that time,” and added, “Now that I’ve been down there, I’ve given up a little.”

When Soo Bin confessed, Lee Yong Jin said, “To get rid of all the stress or financial problems, you have to throw it to the market. You have to give up. Then you just have to live your life,” adding, “I also threw myself in it. When I took it at the highest point, I didn’t even look back and threw it at about -40%,” he said.

wjsn soobin exy

Soo Bin then said, “I’m at -80%. Stocks are also at -60%”. In response, Lee Yong Jin immediately apologized, saying, “I’m sorry,” drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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