Aiki: “How much did I make? Enough to change my husband’s car”, Lee Jung: “I won’t debut as an idol”

Dance crew HOOK’s leader Aiki is cheered for her sensible FLEX regarding her advertising income. 

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter Gala Show”, which aired on Now 16th, was followed by a hearing by the crews’ leaders.  In this episode, WayB dancers asked their leader Noze, “There is a rumor that you made quite a lot from advertising, so why haven’t you bought us anything delicious?”. Noze then replied, “If you ask me to buy you something delicious, I will buy you everything you want.” 

MC Jang Do-yeon said, “Speaking of advertisements, everyone seems to have shot with huge brands’ advertisement. It was cool and all, but how much did you make?” she asked. PROWDMON leader Monika said, “In fact, I even want to give luxury bags to each dancer,” drawing enthusiastic responses from the dancers. After the enthusiastic response, Monika said, “But Noze earned more than me, so Noze will buy the big bag, and I will buy a small keyring?”, she joked, making everyone laugh.

Street Woman Fighter Gala Show

Aiki said, “It’s something that not only me but all the dancers will be proud of. Everyone was worried about the job of a dancer, but now they can have another influence, right?”. MC Haha then asked, “So how much did you earn!” Aiki replied, “I can tell you this. I’ve changed my husband’s car.” Hearing this, the dancers exclaimed, “You’re cool.”

The conversation was continued by YGX leader Lee Jung‘s story. Yell asked, “If the agency told you to debut, would you do it?” Lee Jung answered, “I am always willing to challenge myself if I can do various things related to dancing. But I don’t forget that I’m a born-to-be dancer and I’ll collaborate with them as a dancer, never as an idol.”

Street Woman Fighter Gala Show
Street Woman Fighter Gala Show

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