Fans react to Lisa’s new hair and look back on her wig collection since the debut

Since Lisa has to change her hairstyle constantly, there are times when fans are “speechless” after seeing her new hair.

Recently, fan pages of Lisa (BLACKPINK) have been sharing pictures of the Thai idol with an unusual new hairstyle. Fans are obviously used to seeing Lisa change her hair all the time, but apparently their reaction this time is not so positive. Fans have left comments saying Lisa’s new hair looks rather “unnatural”.

BlackPink lisa
Fans even made a compilation of all the times Lisa wore a wig, but the wigs look too obvious and make the Thai idol look rather funny
BlackPink lisa
Notably, on the cover of Vogue Korea last June, Lisa wore a wig instead of getting her real hair styled. The wig made with synthetic silk, although high-quality, is quite easy to tangle. The glossiness made it look even more unnatural. Fortunately, Lisa’s aura saved the shoot.
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