Winner’s Kim Jin-woo, “I’ve never received any confession from women”.

Kim Jin-woo, a member of boy group Winner, appeared as an MC on “Somefing” and surprised everyone with his unexpected confession.

The dating reality program “Somefing” uploaded a pre-release video of the last night in Sometopia ahead of its release on wavve on August 12th.

The pre-released video shows a spectacular party held to wrap up the days in Sometopia with men and women naturally going well with each other. 

The party turned into a series of mysterious wars of nerves. In the dorm, there was an argument between the men, and one person said, “This is crazy”. There was also a scene of a woman getting angry and staying silent when a man said, “Didn’t I make the spicy taste you wanted?”. In the meantime, while the men and women were chatting and giving hand massages to each other, the appearance of a woman who suddenly said “Don’t go in” as she got surprised when opening the door to a room was revealed, making the viewers wonder what happened.

MC Jo Se-ho got puzzled and said, “What is this situation?”. Startled Uhm Ji-yoon said, “They’ve been fighting from the beginning…”. However, the 5 MCs were shocked by the news that an actual couple was actually born in this unpleasant atmosphere during the first broadcast of “Somefing”. 

While talking about “flirting”, which is the core concept of “Somefing”, Winner’s Kim Jin-woo, one of the 5 MCs, gained many compliments, such as “His face is a kind of flirting itself”.

However, Kim Jin-woo surprised everyone when he said, “I’ve never received any confession from women”.

Later, the MCs asked, “Have you ever confessed and been rejected?”. Kim Jin-woo replied, “I’ve never been rejected”, and everyone nodded as they also agreed.

In response, Jo Se-ho said, “I’ve never been rejected either. Because I didn’t confess…”, drawing laughter. 

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