WINNER Song Mino: “Close with Yeji even before ITZY’s debut”; Lia shared the reason why she chose JYP instead of SM

Song Mino of WINNER showed off his extraordinary friendship with ITZY member Yeji on "My Shoulder Is Dislocated."

ITZY leader Yeji and member Lia appeared as guests on cable channel tvN’s “My Shoulder Is Dislocated” on the afternoon of Sep 23rd. After the main broadcast on TV, the full episode was released on the YouTube channel “Channel 15 Nights.”

In this episode, Song Mino said, “Yeji and I are close. I’ve known Yeji even before she debuted,” he said, drawing attention.

Then Yeji said, “Our relationship is very complicated. He is my father’s friend’s wife’s nephew…”

In response, Song Mino drew laughter by showing his confused face, saying, “What do you call your youngest aunt’s husband’s husband?”

song mino itzy

Soon, Song Min-ho said, “I went to my aunt’s house after a long while (of not seeing her), and somehow I ended up seeing Yeji’s family. We had a delicious meal at a restaurant together, but since she debuted after seeing me, they asked me to take a look at what she’d got since she dreamed of becoming a singer. Usually, she’s shy, but Yeji said, “Okay,” pushed over the table and showed me what she’d got. “It was even a sitting restaurant,” he recalled.

song mino itzy

“Yeji is so good. So I told Yeji’s family that she should not be here, but go to Seoul to audition and be a real singer. That was eight years ago.”

song mino itzy

On the other hand, Lia recalled her past, “I got accepted at an SM Entertainment audition. When I was studying abroad in Canada, I passed the SM Global Audition and went to Korea. However, I couldn’t do it due to my parents’ opposition. After living as a student for a while, I later tried again when I grew up, and now I’m in JYP Entertainment,” she said.

song mino itzy

Lia confessed, “I’ve never really talked about this anywhere, but I was planning to go to SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment at that time. But the audition date for JYP Entertainment was the earliest and I got in right away,” she told the behind-the-scenes story of her audition.

Source: daum

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