Actress Jang Yoon-ju mentioned BLACKPINK Jennie in the post of her wearing Chanel costumes but suddenly changed her caption

Model-actress Jang Yoon-ju deleted the comment referring to BLACKPINK Jennie.

On March 3rd, Jang Yoon-ju uploaded photos of her wearing the costume from the luxury brand Chanel on her Instagram and wrote, “Last week #I’m not a doll #These are unedited cuts #Jennie, are you watching this?”


The released photo showed Jang Yoon-ju boasting her perfect body proportions while wearing short pants and a jacket along with a Chanel crop top at a photoshoot.

After that, many media outlets reported Jang Yoon-ju’s mention of Chanel’s ambassador Jennie. Knowing this, the actress changed her caption to “Last week #Doll? #These are definitely unedited cuts”

blackpink jennie

At the moment, Jang Yoon-ju’s SNS caption mentioning Jennie has already been deleted. She has not yet revealed any explanation either.

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