Park Min Young caused controversy for giving Song Kang a dirty look behind the scenes of the new drama

Park Min Young’s attitude towards Song Kang behind the scenes of Weather People is becoming the subject of controversy.

Not long ago, the crew of the drama “Weather People” continued to release the latest behind-the-scenes photos. However, the focus of the debate was Park Min Young‘s gaze when watching her junior rehearse the scene.

Specifically, in the segment where Song Kang helped his co-star who was in a drunken state, Park Min Young stood outside to observe. The fierce eyes that seemed to be full of anger made many viewers a bit scared.

park min young song kang
Park Min Young revealed an unhappy face when watching Song Kang practice.

Some people think that “Weather People“’s female lead’s gaze is like glaring at her co-stars. Besides, some disapprove and think that the camera angle caused misunderstandings for Park Min Young.

park min young song kang
Her sharp eyes can make bystanders tremble.

Although it is not clear what Park Min Young’s thoughts and expressions were at that time, through her interaction with Song Kang in the previous behind-the-scenes footage, their senior-junior relationship can be seen to be still very nice.

park min young song kang
Park Min Young and Song Kang having fun with each other.

After nearly two years of hiatus from the Korean screen, Park Min Young also decided to join the race with a new JTBC drama called “Weather People“. This is a romantic drama about the love story of two employees of the National Meteorological Administration. 

park min young
Park Min Young

In the drama, Park Min Young takes on the role of department head Ha Kyung, while Song Kang plays the new employee Siwoo. After the drama aired, the two received positive feedback about their beauty. Besides, the bed scene where the main duo hug and kiss each other passionately in the drama also quickly became a topic of discussion.

park min young song kang
Song Kang and Park Min Young

The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday night on JTBC.

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