Why YG won’t acknowledge dating rumors, here’s what an insider had to say 

YG Entertainment has once again kept silent about BLACKPINK Jennie’s dating rumors.

On May 18th, a video quickly spread across online platforms, showing two people who seem to be BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie holding hands affectionately during a date.

In the released video, V and Jennie were seen strolling along the Seine River in Paris, France, hand in hand, without wearing any mask. This is the third time the pair’s dating rumors have surfaced. Nevertheless, Jennie’s agency, YG Entertainment, has remained consistently silent, neither acknowledging nor denying the rumors.


Previously, YG did not make any statements on dating rumors about its artists, including Jennie, Lee Chan Hyuk, and Kang Seung Yoon. Terms like “YG-style silence” referring to YG’s responses of “unconfirmed” or “no comment”, have even been coined.

However, YG was not always unresponsive from the beginning.

In 2017, YG confirmed the relationship of Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung. Both were signed under YG and had co-starred in the dramas “Cheese in the Trap” and “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. They later announced their break-up on August 18 of the same year.


In 2015, YG confirmed the dating rumors between singer Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin. In fact, YG’s chief Yang Hyun Suk even extended his congratulations in a phone conversation with a media outlet, saying, “(Min Hyo Rin) is Taeyang’s first girlfriend. I think the dating experience will help him when he sings or stands on stage.

When did YG start using the “YG-style silence”? Industry insiders unanimously suggest that acknowledging dating rumors could be a major blow, especially as BLACKPINK is currently YG’s main group.

In reality, YG is taking an active response to dating rumors involving BLACKPINK members. In April, BLACKPINK Rosé and actor Kang Dong Won were wrapped up in dating rumors. At the time, YG unusually strongly denied the dating claims.

At the time, YG initially stated that they “cannot confirm as it is a private matter”, but later changed its position, saying, “the dating rumor between Rosé and Kang Dong Won is not true.”

Meanwhile, Jennie and Rosé were invited to the 76th Cannes Film Festival. Jennie was invited to attend as an actress in the non-competitive section of the Cannes Film Festival for the HBO drama “The Idol”. Meanwhile, Rosé, who is serving as a global ambassador for Saint Laurent, walked the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 17th (local time).

Source: Daum

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