Mysteries that need to be solved in “The Glory” Part 2: Hidden identities and secrets are waiting to be brought into light 

Fans are eager to learn the truth behind these unsolved mysteries and see how the revenge will head to. 

1. Which side will Ha Do Young choose? 

Ha Do Young was husband of Park Yeon Jin and legal father of Ha Ye Sol. However, as part 1 reached its end, he learnt of the dark secret that Park Yeon Jin has been trying so hard to hide. Moreover, he also became suspicious of the identity of his presumed biological daughter. In the teaser for part 2, Ha Do Young finally learns of the scars on Moon Dong Eun’s body. Will this signal a switch of sides in Ha Do Young now that he has learnt of the truth? With that much power and wealth, the audience believes whichever has him on the side will have a huge winning chance. 

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2. Is there a love line between Moon Dong Eun and Joo Yeo Jung?

From the meeting at the chess center meeting well into the end of part 1, it is clear that Ha Do Young has developed feelings for Moon Dong Eun. For Yeo Jung, he has always longed for a return of feelings from Dong Eun’s side, to the point he is willing to be her “executioner.” Viewers are divided to see which man she will end up choosing or if there will be any romance at all? 

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3. How will Moon Dong Eun’s mother treat her daughter? 

In the first few episodes, Dong Eun’s mother was ready to abandon her daughter to harm in exchange for money. In the teaser for part 2, she is shown to return with a crazy appearance and bright-colored hair. Will she show her remorse and turn good or continue to be a tool wielded for Yeon Jin’s benefits? 


4. The identity of the landlord  

The owner of the building where Moon Dong Eun rents an apartment seems to have great interest in her. She plants a lot of poisonous plants, carries a mysterious air and talks in allegory. What role does she play in Dong Eun’s revenge journey and who she really is? 


5. Thes secret behind the shaman temple

Is the shaman temple where Yeon Jin’s mother frequently visits really a sacred place or a distant land where she hides the family’s dark secrets? From the beginning, no one knows how Yeon Jin’s family got that rich and even had connections with the police. Perhaps, all have been hidden well into this “spiritual space.” 

The Glory

6. Where is So Hee’s body currently? 

At the end of part 1, when Yeo Jung visited the hospital to look for So Hee’s body, he learnt that it has gone missing. So Hee was the first victim supposedly murdered by Yeon Jin, the location of her body is a crucial element for the revenge plan to work. 

7. Ye Sol’s ultimate fate 

Up until now, all the clues are showing that Ye Sol is not Ha Do Young’s biological daughter. Instead, she is one to Jeon Jae Joon, Yeon Jin’s love affair before and after marriage. Will Do Young continue loving this child after learning the truth? Will Dong Eun use Ye Sol in her revenge plan to pay back Do Young and Jae Joon? All will be solved in the second part of “The Glory.” 

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