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Why does “Boys Planet” (2023) receive a poor rating? 

Viewers believe that Mnet’s face-zooming and “evil editing,” among many other elements, are out of date. 

The hugely invested and highly anticipated “Boys Planet” by Mnet started out with a moderate rating of 0.379%, lower than the opening rating of “Girls Planet 999” with a rating of 0.461%. Once a format that rode the waves of reality shows, the survival program does not seem to receive as much hype from domestic and overseas audience as before. 

boys planet

In the first episode, Southeast Asian audience was frustrated when  a large part of the performances of the contestants from their countries were edited out and only had little screen time that was not enough to capture attention. It contradicted the pre-airing attention to the participants from Southeast Asia, a country with growing numbers of trainees to the Korean market. 

Southeast Asia contestants
The contestants from Southeast Asia received much attention on “Boys Planet” 

Mnet’s negligence and obvious favoritism prove to be obstacles for Southeast Asian trainees from gaining recognition. With only the first episode, viewers are begining to doubt Mnet and how the show will proceed in the future. 

The editing is another minus point for the program. Audience members said that Mnet walked the same path again and did not show any change or improvement, making it harder for viewers to follow through. They commented, “Mnet mostly does evil-editing. Not to mention there were too many cuts,” “A season that opened to global audition should have guaranteed the airtime percentage to contestants from each country. The reactions were also repetitive and boring.” 

Boys planet
The exaggerated reactions bored the audience 

Moreover, multinationality is not a favorable factor in Korean programs as most foreign or multi-national idols are not Koreans cup of tea, with a few exceptions. Nonetheless, after “Girls Planet 999” accumulated a large and stable fan base from international fans, it is predicted that Mnet will carry on with the “international” format. 

Source: k14

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