AKMU makes fans nostalgic by releasing a video celebrating the 10th anniversary of this song 

AKMU released a live video to mark the 10th anniversary of ‘Don’t Cross Your Legs’.

On November 25th, a video titled “AKMU – ‘Don’t Cross Your Legs’ 10th Anniversary Video” was uploaded on AKMU’s YouTube channel.

In the video, AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun were singing in a comfortable atmosphere. The video was recorded against a simple, homey background rather than a decorated background, creating a more friendly feeling.

‘Don’t Cross Your Legs’ is a song first performed by teenage siblings Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun in the 2012 SBS audition program “K-Pop Star Season 2”. Park Jin Young, who appeared as a judge at the time, praised the song, saying, “This is what a singer-songwriter and a duet (should be like).”


Fans who watched AKMU’s video commented, “This song is already 10 years old”, “I hope AKMU will last forever”, “It feels different watching them sing it as adults”, and “It brings back memories”. 

Source: Wikitree.

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