Bae Suzy almost took over the leading female role in “Reborn Rich”: The actress could have formed a great on-screen pairing with Song Joong Ki 

Suzy was once expected to take over the female lead role in “Reborn Rich”. 

The most attention-grabbing Korean series “Reborn Rich” is gaining popularity not only for its main character played by Song Joong Ki but also the talented actress Shin Hyun Bin and her versatile performance in the series. As Seo Min Young, Shin Hyun Bin portrays two widely different personas: a distant and serious prosecutor at present and a bright and sunny college student in the past. 

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At the latest point in the series, Shin Hyun Bin has gained favor from the audience and was regarded as fit for her role with much flexibility for two different images, despite the little screen-time. Actress Shin’s current performance left many to wonder what the role would be like if Suzy had taken the role. 

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Around a year and a half ago, Suzy was said to be starring with Song Joong Ki in the series “The Youngest Son of Chaebol Family” (the series former English title). Afterwards, only Song Joong Ki confirmed for his role and the female leading role was taken up by Shin Hyun Bin. No further news was released from Suzy. 

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The audience was hyped to see the collaboration between Song Joong Ki and Suzy 

From their collaborations in entertainment programs, modeling gigs or CFs, they made up a great pairing, equal in fame and status. 

suzy song joong ki
Suzy and Song Joong Ki in their past collaborations 

Nonetheless, Suzy is showing her growth as an actress with her most recent drama “Anna”  and is joining the filming of web series “The Girl Downstairs” about the life of a female idol. The heavy and intense schedule was enough on her plate for this year. 

Rare still of Suzy in “The Girl Downstairs” (literal title “Lee Duna!”) 

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