Park Myung Soo raises his voice amid controversy over HOOK’s unfair treatment toward his junior Lee Seung Gi

Comedian Park Myung Soo publicly defended his junior Lee Seung Gi, who is in dispute with HOOK Entertainment over revenue settlement.

On the broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” on November 25th, Park Myung Soo held a keyword talk and discussed the keyword “Lee Seung Gi” with data analyst Jeon Min Ki.

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Jeon Min Ki said, “The last keyword we’re going to discuss is unfortunate news. Lee Seung Gi is in a conflict with his agency. The 2nd highest-ranking keyword related to Lee Seung Gi is ‘agency’. No.3 is ‘song’ and No.4 is ‘settlement’”. Explaining the situation, he said, “Lee Seung Gi asked his agency’s CEO to disclose settlement details of his music revenue over the past 18 years. Lee Seung Gi thought he did not make any profit from his music activities because his CEO told him, ‘You’re a minus singer. Songs were released as events for fans who waited for you, and they’re not profitable’. Later, Lee Seung Gi found out about his music sales through a text message that an employee accidentally sent him. Lee Seung Gi made many hits from the 127 songs he has released so far. It doesn’t make sense that he received 0 won in music revenue settlement.”

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In response, Park Myung Soo said, “In the past, artist managers did things like that a lot. A similar issue did happen to me. When the times change, agencies also need to change according to the times. I’ll have to hear from both sides. But as a person who has worked in the entertainment industry for 30 years, I think it’s the company’s mistake because they didn’t pay Lee Seung Gi”.

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He continued, “Lee Seung Gi is a nice person. I trust people whom I’ve known for a long time, can I just take that as an excuse?”, adding “If he didn’t succeed, there wouldn’t be such a problem. But since he became too successful, some people began to be greedy. I don’t want them to go to court. I hope they apologize to each other and solve the case with smiles”. In addition, Park Myung Soo said, “Just pay him everything and end the controversy neatly. If they bring it to court, it will probably become a bloody fight. I’m sure there remain parts of the loyalty they’ve built over the past 18 years. I hope they communicate well and wrap it up peacefully.”

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Park Myung Soo also emphasized, “Lee Seung Gi only claims his rights, and I hope the agency pays him properly. Lee Seung Gi is a national singer and actor. I hope the case ends well so that he can carry out more activities with better appearances.”

It was revealed that HOOK Entertainment did not settle Lee Seung Gi’s music revenue. The controversy intensified when transcripts containing abusive remarks from HOOK’s CEO were recently revealed by the media. 

Source: wikitree

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