Why do netizens congratulate Jisoo (BLACKPINK) as she confirmed her breakup with Ahn Bo Hyun?

BLACKPINK Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun have officially called it quits, making headlines on social media

The announcement came on October 24th, with JTBC reporting that the breakup was due to their busy schedules. Shortly thereafter, YG Entertainment confirmed the news, clarifying that the two artists had returned to their previous senior-junior relationship.

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This news ignited a passionate discussion among Korean netizens. Many have congratulated Jisoo on her decision and commended her for making a thoughtful choice. This is because Ahn Bo Hyun had previously been involved in controversies. His lower public profile compared to Jisoo played a role in the fans’ positive reactions to the breakup.

Ahn Bo Hyun previously faced allegations of following YouTube channels with inappropriate contents, which he denied, stating that he had delegated channel management to someone else for quite some time. He was also accused of having a celebrity disease, making his assistant hold scripts for him, which led to further criticism.

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ahn bo hyun

Despite the breakup news, there were netizens who expressed sadness at the end of the relationship, as Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun had only confirmed their romance in early August. They were deemed by many to match each other well because of their shared characteristics, such as blood type, personality traits, and ideal partner preferences.

Korean netizens had diverse reactions under the articles discussing Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun’s breakup: 

  • “Congratulations to Jisoo” 
  • “Jisoo did a great job; she made the right choice.”
  • “What’s the deal with these comments? Did Ahn Bo Hyun wrong Jisoo somehow? Why is there so much hate towards him?”
  • “Reading through these comments, it seemed like Jisoo was pressured into dating Ahn Bo Hyun. But in fact, they made a great couple. From confirming their relationship to breaking up, there was not a single scandal”
  • “Let’s not jump to conclusions too quickly; we still don’t know who initiated the breakup.”

Source: K14

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