While fans want BTS members to be sent to the Dokdo police force, Jin directly mentions a very tough unit for his enlistment

Jin is the first member of BTS to enlist in the military because he’s the oldest.

Last month, BTS’s agency Big Hit Music announced that Jin would apply for the cancellation of his military enlistment postponement and follow the enlistment process. According to the announcement, other members will perform their military service sequentially.

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As Jin withdrew his enlistment postponement, he is expected to join the army as soon as a notice of enlistment for him is issued. 

While people began to pay attention to the unit that Jin would go to, Jin also opened up about this issue.

On November 13th, Jin mentioned his military enlistment on Weverse, a platform that allows idols to communicate with fans.

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When a fan asked, “It’s your birthday next month. Are you excited?”, Jin said, “No. I would be on the front line by then”.

Front-line troops serve in the forefront and are closer to the military border. GP and GOP units are representative front-line troops.

Known to be located the closest to North Korea, the base camp of these units is expected to have only a few people but many wild animals.  

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Even before his birthday, Jin was not so happy. It seems like he was worried about going to the front-line unit.

Upon hearing that news, fans reacted, “Are you really going to the front line?”, “I guess he has been confirmed to serve in a front-line unit”, “I hope he goes and returns safely”, etc.

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Meanwhile, when the news of BTS members’ enlistment was confirmed earlier, many Internet users suggested sending the members to the Dokdo police force.

Knowing BTS has a great influence all over the world, people proposed that idea with the good purpose of making it an opportunity to spread the information that Dokdo is South Korean territory if the members served in the Dokdo police force. 


In addition, other netizens argued that if BTS members fulfilled military service on Dokdo Island, they could promote the East Sea and attracts tourists to Ullengdo Island at the same time.

However, it is actually impossible for BTS to join the Dokdo police force. According to principles, there is no military force on Dokdo Island. There are police but no soldier. It is because the mandatory police system, which is one of the current military transition services, has been abolished and is no longer selected. 

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After the 1120th generation of the military police force consisting of those being selected and enlisted in May 2018, the Dokdo police force no longer recruits conscripted policemen.

Source: Insight

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