Kim Woo Bin “My girlfriend Shin Min Ah enjoyed watching ‘Black Knight'”

Actor Kim Woo Bin revealed his girlfriend Shin Min Ah’s support for him.

Kim Woo Bin, the main actor of Netflix’s original “Black Knight”, had an interview with Maeil Business Star Today on May 17th.


Kim Woo Bin expressed his joy at the success of “Black Knight”, “If you expect too much, you’ll be disappointed. So before the release, I tried to put the meaning into introducing the work to as many people as possible. I’m surprised that so many people watched it. It seems like a lie. I’m grateful and happy to receive a lot of congratulatory messages.”

What was the review of actress Shin Min Ah, his girlfriend?

Kim Woo Bin, who has been in a public relationship with Shin Min Ah since July 2015, said, “She enjoyed it so much. She always supports me. Since we’re both actors, we talk about acting. I receive help and I’m influenced by her.”


He added, “My fellow actors also liked the series.”

The 6-episode “Black Knight”, which was released on May 12th, depicts a dystopian future where extensive air pollution has become a huge problem after a comet destroyed most of the world and forced the people who are still alive to depend on elite delivery drivers for survival. Based on the webtoon of the same name by Lee Yun Kyun, director Cho Ui Seok was in charge of writing and directing the drama.


Kim Woo Bin is meeting Korean and foreign viewers through his first solo lead role since his battle with nasopharyngeal cancer.

According to the weekly “Netflix Top 10” compiled by the global OTT (online video service) Netflix, “Black Knight” recorded a total of 31.22 million viewing hours for 3 days from May 12th to May 14th, ranking first in Netflix’s global top 10 TV shows (non-English) category.

Source: Daum

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