While debating over Jennie, fans shocked to see that Lisa (Black Pink) cut her hair short

The latest picture of Lisa (Black Pink) surprise the fans very much.

On the night of November 26th, Lisa (Black Pink) released the latest image and immediately made the fan go crazy. Attached to the long hair with bright color and a bang, Lisa surprised when appearing with short hair and dark color. While Jennie recently became the focus of public judgment, Lisa won big attention from the public thanks to this brand new image.

Fans are holding their breath waiting for Lisa to release the official photos with this new style. Many people said that she didn’t cut her long hair and can probably just use a wig to change the style.

Lisa’s fans are surprised with her short hair. Fans are holding their breath waiting for the official new image of the youngest Black Pink
Lisa has always been associated with feminine, long hair

Source: Kenh14

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