While BLACKPINK is about to come back, Koreans talk about the comprehensive skills of a group member!

This BLACKPINK member is always mentioned as an “all-rounder” of Kpop Gen 3.

Right from the first years of her debut, Jennie has been called an all-rounder because of the outstanding talent of the main rapper of BLACKPINK. Jennie increasingly proves her bravery and talent in all fields. She not only raps well, sings well, and dances well, but her personal style and fashion sense are also superlative.

blackpink jennie Waterbomb
Jennie is favored by Koreans as an all-rounder

Recently, when BLACKPINK is preparing for a comeback after nearly 2 years, Kpop fans have the opportunity to talk about Jennie’s amazing skills. This topic immediately caused a stir on some Korean internet forums.

As the main rapper of BLACKPINK, Jennie’s rapping ability is undisputed. Jennie’s rap parts in BLACKPINK’s songs all become special highlights. In 2018, she also surprised Korean rappers by showing her fast flow in DDU-DU DDU-DU.

In addition to being the main rapper, Jennie has an incredible singing ability. In some of BLACKPINK’s title songs, Jennie, who has a powerful and stable voice, sings more vocal lines than rap. Jennie also frequently showcases her enchanting voice on some special stages.

The stage charisma and performance skills are also the strengths of Jennie since she has an attractive face that is both luxurious and cute. Therefore, Jennie easily got herself a series of million-view fancams.


Many Kpop fans believe that the term “all-rounder” refers to idols that possess strong vocal and performing abilities as well as the ability to compose music. Without getting into the various debates about whether Jennie should be considered an all-rounder or not, she has also shown her talent by rewriting the rap part of the song SOLO and taking part in the creation of the title song “Lovesick Girls.”

Jennie self-composed a new rap part for The Show 2021 version of SOLO

In addition to her success as a Kpop idol, Jennie also made great strides in the world of fashion. Jennie, the new generation’s It Girl, revolutionized the fashion industry with her unique and trendy sense of style. Additionally, she is the first idol to have her image on the covers of all six prestigious Korean fashion magazines.

Became a House ambassador for Chanel after 3 years of debut
Jennie also worked as a photo editor for herself in a Vogue issue
Jennie-Gentle Monster-Jentle Garden
She has twice participated in eyewear design with Gentle Monster

Therefore, according to many Korean viewers, Jennie absolutely deserves to be called an all-rounder.

  • She’s definitely an all-rounder. Perfect talent from rapping, singing and dancing skills to stage presence, knowing how to write music, perfect face + aura of a star. She has all of them. It’s just that there are a lot of people on the internet who don’t like Jennie and YG.
  • What are the downvotes? Jennie was almost chosen as the representative all-rounder.
  • If Jennie wasn’t an all-rounder then no one would be an all-rounder anymore.

Source: K14

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