What will the future of (G) I-DLE be if Soojin leaves the group?

Due to the school bullying scandal, Korean netizens think that Soo Jin should leave the group, can (G)I-DLE work with 5 members?

Over the past few days, a series of Korean idols have been caught in a violent controversy at school.  A lot of netizens denounced the wrongdoing in the past of many idols.  Soo Jin‘s case is the most serious because many victims are denouncing the female idol, all details, time, and address are made clear.  Although Cube and Soo Jin themselves have denied the allegations, Korean netizens still believe that the (G)I-DLE member was a bully in the past.

Many netizens have asked Soo Jin to leave the group and even leave the entertainment industry because of evil actions in the past, although this information has not been verified.  An article on Pann even removed Soo Jin from the group’s photos, saying that if (G)I-DLE has 5 members, the group’s visual rank will increase and the others are all talented enough to replace Soo Jin.

(G) IDLE be if Soojin leaves the group?
(G) IDLE be if Soojin leaves the group?

Some comments: “Looking more balanced and comfortable”, “It’s okay without Soo Jin, I wonder why she used to be so famous”, “The group’s visual rank has increased significantly”, “Not sure what the charm of Soo Jin is, all the other 5 have strong personalities, each position is perfect, they look so perfect”, “It feels like it was a group of only five from the beginning”, “So Yeon is the most important member, as long as So Yeon is in the group they will be fine”,  …

In fact, before the scandal broke out, Soo Jin was the top famous member of (G)I-DLE, who had many millions of views fancams, and also had the highest views in the group.  She is the main dancer with a style that fits well with (G)I-DLE’s mysterious concept, so she always becomes the focus on every stage.  Soo Jin’s visual helps the group’s performances to be more classy and charming.

(G) IDLE be if Soojin leaves the group?

Fans believe that netizens are too hasty to criticize the female idol, although the incident has not reached a conclusion.  Before the scandal, many people praised Soo Jin for having the best performance skills while disparaging Shu Hua.  They once asked Shu Hua to leave the group but now do the same thing with Soo Jin.

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