What if Liu Yifei is an IVE member?

What if Liu Yifei debuted as a Kpop idol and not an actress?

Over the years, Liu Yifei has always been known as a symbol of Chinese beauty. Later, although many beautiful actresses debuted, her fairy-like beauty remained immortal in the hearts of fans. Besides her outstanding success as an actor, the public is always curious about what would happen if Liu became an idol and worked in a girl group.

liu yifei
The edited video went viral on SNS

Recently, an edited video of Liu Yifei performing IVE’s song Eleven went viral on social media. Netizens admire because the beauty with the beauty of an actress is unbelievably suitable for the role of an idol. In particular, many people also think that if she was a member of the group, Liu would definitely take on the visual position and even enter the top of the most beautiful female idols.

liu yifei
Liu Yifei’s beauty, charisma and aura are unbelievably suitable for being an idol
liu yifei
Thanks to her pure beauty, harmonious facial features, especially her fairy-like aura, many people think that the actress would definitely take on the visual role if she became a member of a girl group.

However, many fans think that Liu Yifei still does the best as an actress. Besides, many thinks it were the attractive charisma and body movements of Yujin (IVE) that help the video went viral.

liu yifei
Liu performed the ‘ending fairy’, conquering the hearts of millions of fans

In fact, after 2 years of debuting as an actress, Liu Yifei debuted again as a solo singer in 2004 and received a lot of attention. Later, Liu focused on her acting career and worked hard until now.

liu yifei
In 2004, Liu Yifei received attention when she debuted as a singer. Liu’s beauty and charisma captivated millions of viewers at that time

Source: K14

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