What gives Lisa (BLACKPINK) such clout in China?

6 years since debut, BLACKPINK Lisa has had a great impact not only in Korea but also around the world, especially in China 

Many Korean entertainment companies aim to expand into China, which is a major market. However, due to rigorous laws, K-pop idols encounter numerous challenges when working in this country. However, Lisa (BLACKPINK) is a special artist who is not Chinese but still has a significant influence in this industry.

Lisa recently appeared on Marie Claire China dressed in Celine outfits. Because of her elegant and trendy vibe, each photograph of the female idol makes fans stop in their tracks. To date, Lisa has appeared in three of China’s five most prestigious fashion magazines. BLACKPINK’s youngest member has already graced the covers of Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. So her next objective is to take over Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Lisa had previously worked as an advertisement model for a major Chinese phone company. At the time, the photos of the YG’s female idol were plastered all over the country’s commercial centers and electronic billboards.

According to Korean media, Lisa’s participation in “Youth with You” had a positive impact on her present success and impact in the Chinese market. Accordingly, the youngest member of BLACKPINK has garnered a large number of fans since taking on the role of a dance coach in this show. Besides, Lisa’s incisive remarks on the show also inspired admiration.

In addition, Lisa is a passionate, understanding, and very capable mentor on the show

Now, BLACKPINK Lisa is among the most famous Kpop idols in China, with fans ready to support every activity of her. Everytime Lisa or BLACKPINK made a comeback, LISABar (Lisa’s fandom in China) contributed greatly to physical album sales.

Even amid the strict and difficult Chinese market, Lisa manages to maintain her huge influence, and is expected to gain even more hype should she take on future projects in China.

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