“We’re an only-growing group,” NCT DREAM predicted how they will only go upward without any “buffering”

“The always growing group” NCT Dream sets a new record once again.

A press conference to commemorate the release of NCT Dream‘s second full-length album “Glitch Mode” was held online today, Mar 28th. 

Glitch Mode,” which will be released on the same day, contains a total of 11 songs with a variety of music colors, including the title song “Glitch Mode,” which has an impressive repetitive hook. In particular, the title song “Buffering” tactfully expressed the feeling of being frozen in place and buffering in front of your crush through the rap which was written by member Mark and the unique choreography.


Regarding the new song “Buffering,” Mark said, “It’s a concept that fits well with NCT. We prepared hard thinking about how to show you this in the most Dream-ish way. We tried to capture the unusual charm to show that we have an error through various concepts such as mafia and hot pink,” he explained. Ji-sung also embodied keywords such as “Lag, error, and electric shock” in the choreography. “The key point is in the motion where we seem to be buffering,” he said, raising expectations.

Glitch Mode” was announced to be a hit even before its official release. The number of pre-orders alone exceeded 2.03 million, surpassing the pre-order record of 1.71 million copies of their first full-length album “Hot Sauce” released last year. As “Hot Sauce” previously sold a total of 3.47 million copies, attention is focused on whether “Glitch Mode” will set a new record.


Jeno said, “We were grateful for your love for our first album, but we were very surprised and puzzled when first heard about the enormous love you guys gave us for the 2nd full album. We’ll show you a great performance and great activities in return for your love. Please stay tuned.”

Renjun said, “When our first full-length album was released, I didn’t think much about the result and just focused on having fun on stage, but we have received so much love. We’ve expressed our gratitude for you guys in this album, and we’ve worked even harder to prove that we are a team worthy of such love.”


In response, Mark said, “Now we can’t really prepare for an album and comeback without thinking about ‘NCTzen’ (NCT’s fandom name). NCT Dream is really a ‘growing group,’ adding, “The team doesn’t take fans’ love and support for granted. You’ve seen our growth since our debut song “Chewing Gum,” but we are confident that “Glitch Mode” will also show another weighty growth different from “Hot Sauce.””

Finally, they expressed their extraordinary determination to promote their new album. Mark said, “NCT Dream’s special color lies in how we can challenge new things as we grow like this,” adding, “We prepared with the thought that our second full-length album is not the end, and that we will grow further in the future. The goal of our promotion activities this time is to deliver all of what we have said and show our upgraded appearance.”

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