Watching the 40-second clip in the MV “Lovesick Girls”, Knet revealed the reason why BLACKPINK Rosé’s solo debut was highly anticipated by the audience

Rosé showed off her acting skills and powerful vocals in the 40-second clip, which is why Knet is extremely looking forward to her solo debut.

Waiting for Rosé to officially debut solo, many people took advantage of revisiting the old music products of BLACKPINK.  In particular, the cutscenes of the female idol in the MV “ Lovesick Girls ” received special attention, so far reaching 1 million views.  A lot of Korean netizens left positive comments and revealed why after watching this video, they were so anticipating of Rosé’s solo production.

Rosé’s scene in the MV “ Lovesick Girls” was only 40 seconds, but she showed off her acting skills and amazing voice.  Main vocal of BLACKPINK shows all kinds of emotions, from happiness with lover to anger, pain when breaking up.  Rosé’s impressive acting ability makes her no different from the main character in the love story.

Rosé's solo debut was highly anticipated

Not only that, but Rosé also showed off her catchy, powerful voice.  Because her color of the voice matches the song, the female idol is the one who sings the most, her segments up to 58 seconds.  Excellent from the visual to the voice, no wonder why netizens are looking forward to her performance when officially debuting solo, even the top comment in the video has earned 20,000 likes.

Rosé's solo debut was highly anticipated

Knet commented:

 – This is why I was looking forward to Rosé’s solo.

 – I wish the solo was done right now, well to know.

 – The channel owner really knows what everyone needs.  Rosé’s voice is truly amazing.

– In my opinion, in every BLACKPINK MV there will be 1 outstanding member, but I think Rosé is the main character of Lovesick Girls right after watching the MV.  The song has the rock color of the 2000s, so Rosé’s unique vocals make the song more impressive

Rosé's solo debut was highly anticipated

Although YG has not announced the time when Rosé will officially debut solo, it is recently reported that the female idol has completed filming the MV.  This makes fans more excited and looking forward to hearing her own music products.

Sources: kenh14

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