Netizens pour malicious comments on “Reborn Rich” writer due to the ending but that turns out to be an unrelated person with the same name

An absurd situation occurred as viewers exploded with anger over the unreasonable ending of JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich”.

The shocking ending of “Reborn Rich” revealed in the last episode on December 25th failed to meet viewers’ expectations.

Therefore, fans are expressing dissatisfaction with the unexpected ending, which was different from that of the original novel, through JTBC’s official website.

reborn rich

However, in this process, some netizens even tried to find the SNS account of the writer and left malicious comments.

What’s more problematic is that the person being attacked with malicious comments has nothing to do with “Reborn Rich”.

reborn rich

It turns out that the person who is currently being terrorized by drama fans has the same name as “Reborn Rich” writer Kim Tae Hee.

Due to this misunderstanding, many netizens are still pouring out harsh complaints and malicious comments on the SNS account of this person.

reborn rich

Meanwhile, “Reborn Rich” remained a hot topic until the end. According to the rating survey company Nielsen Korea, the last episode (episode 16) recorded its own highest viewer rating of 26.948%. As a result, “Reborn Rich” surpassed “SKY Castle” to rank 2nd on the chart of JTBC dramas with the all-time highest ratings. The first place still belongs to “The World of The Married” (28.4%).

Source: Insight

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