BTS concert boosts the atmosphere in LA to its peak, causing a fever that increases service prices up to 4 times

BTS’s concert will attract huge attention from global fans. Not only Korean but also fans from all over the world are visiting LA to watch BTS’s concert.

BTS will begin their offline concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA” at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles on Nov 27th (local time). Starting with the performance on this day, on Nov 28th, Dec 1st and Dec 2nd, BTS’s LA concert will be held four times in total.

Having been communicating with fans online due to the pandemic spread, BTS is raising the expectations and enthusiasm of fans for their offline concert. Tickets quickly sold out. It is said that fans who unfortunately failed to get tickets can watch the concert at a theater located near the concert hall.

BTS Permission To Dance On Stage

Gold Hand and ARMY J (nicknames), fans who even prepared special costumes to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the concert, talked to Xports News, “We prepared a lot for this long-awaited concert of BTS. If it weren’t for BTS, I would never do it.”, expressing their high expectations. These fans also cheered for BTS, saying, “I’m living my second life thanks to BTS. BTS gave me the motivation to live. I just want the members to finish the concert safely and healthily.”

Not only domestic fans but ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) from all over the world seem to be gathering in LA. A Korean who has worked as an Uber driver and lived in LA for over 40 years said, “Many Koreans, as well as Chinese, are visiting LA to watch BTS concert. People from other regions of the U.S are also coming to LA for BTS’s concert.” This person also explained, “As interest in BTS concert is increasing, the local atmosphere is also heating up. Demands for Uber have also increased by about 4 times in terms of amount.”

BTS Permission To Dance On Stage

As domestic and foreign ARMYs are all gathering in LA, the atmosphere seems to have been hotter than ever before. With the hot and sunny weather in LA, the local atmosphere is at its peak. Starting from today, fandom’s interest in BTS’s LA concert, which will be held four times, is expected to rise even more significantly.

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