Was BTS RM uncomfortable with the article about his visit to Hwaeomsa Temple? “Next time, I’ll go to another temple quietly”

“Next time, I’ll go to another temple quietly.”

On Jan 4th, it was known that RM visited Hwaeomsa Temple. According to a related material, RM, who visited Hwaeomsa Temple in Gurye, Jeollanam-do with music producer San Yawn on Dec 29th last year, personally visited Hwaeomsa Temple this time to relax and get inspiration for music. He met and chatted with abbot Deok Mun.

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RM captured and uploaded part of the related article on his Instagram story, along with a crying emoticon and the caption “Thank you for the good time, but I didn’t expect an article.”

He added, “Next time, I’ll go to another temple quietly.”

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RM, who is famous for being polite and sincere in everything, seems to have felt quite confused. Analysts say that not only was there no prior agreement, but it was also unpleasant due to the development of the situation, contrary to the intention of wrapping up the year-end and quietly welcoming the New Year.

In fact, cultural art spaces RM visited are called “RM Tour”, “RM Road”. They are attracting fans while enjoying tremendous promotional effects.

For example, as RM, known as an art lover, recently visited a series of art galleries in Gyeongsangnam-do, art works on display at local art galleries are becoming a hot topic. Representatively, officials from Gyeongnam Art Museum and Moonshin Art Museum said that fans are continuing to visit these places following RM.


Of course, the officials who revealed RM’s visit to Hwaeomsa Temple this time started with good intentions and did not aim only for promotional effects, but it is regrettable that the result was different from RM’s purpose.

Meanwhile, when abbot Deok Mun asked “Are you sad that you aren’t exempted from military service?”, RM replied, “As a citizen of the Republic of Korea, of course I want to fulfill my obligations. Only then can we talk about rights. I will think of it (the mandatory military enlistment) as the time for us to grow up.” Upon knowing this, fans’ cheering reactions poured out, “That’s our RM!”

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