Wanna One Yoon Jisung – ‘Reaction Prince’ where talents unite

■ Sincere and warm-hearted •.• mood-maker wherever he goes.

Yoon Jisung, ‘Reaction Prince’ where talents unite Though he constantly applies for auditions and went into a few entertainment companies as trainees but he still managed to sign with B2M entertainment in the year 2012. Instead of instilling his strong conviction to B2M entertainment right from the start, Yoon Jisung showed his growth from this training process and managed to capture the hearts of his entertainment company staff.
wanna one, yoon ji sung,
His sincerity especially portrayed his strong conviction. Yoon Jisung had many fans from his trainee period. His delicate sensitivity and expression, even though he is chatty but his soft tone is the charming point that managed to secure women’s heart. His liveliness character makes him the mood-maker wherever he goes. The reaction shown in ‘Produce 101’ is ingrained, his natural movement didn’t result in any resistance. Moreover, his company mentioned that in the future he will be able to display more of his talents in the entertainment industry, which leads to anticipation of him as a performer.

As much as his long trainee period, Yoon Jisung also had many stage experience. Together with Kang Daniel, he was the backup dancer for Chao Lu in 2015 MBC Everyone’s ‘The Secret Weapon’, he also participated as a backup dancer for SPICA which is from the same entertainment company.

Source: DONGA
TRANSLATIONS BY @ficenath0308

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