“Bad luck” idols upon joining wrong companies: MOMOLAND Nancy’s visuals gone to waste, Hani’s rise to fame and JYP’s lack of focus on NMIXX’s talent 

A capable idol can only shine with appropriate care from their company. 

Fans are mournful for the female idols that have yet the chance to shine. (Image: Pinterest) 

Lily (NMIXX)

NMIXX is the rookie girl group under JYP Entertainment. Ever since their debut, the group has met countless unwanted, ill-intended rumors. While graced with many beautiful and talented members, NMIXX is still behind many other fourth-generation groups. 

NMIXX continuously got caught in controversies from their debut. (Image: Dispatch) 
NMIXX is a group of talented idols but is under guidance in need of revision. (Image: Kpopping)

Recently, Lily became the talk of the town for her capable vocal and dance performance. With her prowess, the idol was thought to have lived up to her full potential. However, under a more “mixed” and “experimental” style for NMIXX’s songs, Lily’s voice quality could not show its full force. Therefore, netizens thought Lily should not have been in JYP.

Lily has a different vibe and personality that sets her apart from other members. (Image: JYP Entertainment) 
The female idol has a powerful voice and good stage performances. (Image: Kpopping) 

Sullyoon (NMIXX)

Sullyoon is the visual of the group, boasting a stunning charm ranking among the top of generation 4.  Noticeably, Sullyoon also possesses outstanding talent from choreography to vocal ability. However, being draped in “tacky” outfits and “cheesy” concepts, the member’s visuals could not stand out. This reason is why many believe she is in the wrong company. 

With her talents and looks, the idol can strive further under other big companies in the industry. With her present beauty,  Sullyoon can easily capture attention under a smaller one. 

Sullyoon boasts a stunning visual adored by the audiences. (Image: Dispatch) 
The concept given by JYP does not seem to suit Sullyoon. (Image: JYP Entertainment) 


At the moment of her debut, Nancy from MOMOLAND was an instant sensation when she was known as the “mixed-blood angel”. She owned an astounding physique that could attract looks. However, MLD Entertainment was too new and not experienced enough to push Nancy. Currently, the company still has not devised a proper strategy for the idol and MOMOLAND is going down in reputation and recognition in K-pop. 

Nancy was the center of attention when she debuted with MOMOLAND. (Image: Kpopping) 
Nancy was titled the “Mixed-blood Angel”. (Image: M2G) 
Her lowkey career was partly due to the negligence of her company. (Image: Pinterest)

Hani (EXID)

Hani’s career is still one that stirred regrets in fans. Well-equipped with talent and beauty, the idol sadly missed her ticket to JYP and landed in Banana Culture. Despite her higher reputation to her fellow members in EXID, Hani still lagged behind in the industry. 

Fans feel bitter for Hani’s talent and beauty are not made full use of. (Image: Pinterest) 
Hani is the most popular member in EXID. (Image: Kpopping) 

On October 10th, 2019, Hani left Banana Culture and signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency. Thanks to her funny persona and sharp leadership, Hani is the  memorable face in the shows she takes part in. Hani is also expanding into acting and leaving new impressions on the public. Currently, her career is on the rise. 

Hani deserves better treatment with what she is capable of. (Image: Pinterest) 

The question, in the end, turns to management companies when they are holding the fates and prospects of their talented idols. Only with proper care and appropriate promotional strategies can these potentials reach their fullest. 

Source: Yan

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