Singer and actress Ahn So-hee gave herself a present on her birthday

Ahn So-hee, luxury ring + shoes as self-birthday gifts “I was worried because it’s too pricey”

On her YouTube channel ‘안소희(Ahn So-hee)’’, on June 25, a video titled “My birthday let’s myself celebrate, the most sincere birthday party in the world (feat. Chanel)” was posted.

In her video, Ahn So-hee ordered the food she wanted to eat those days, such as Ma la xiang guo, Otto Kimbap, and Rose Tteokbokki. She smiled, saying, “You must have seen me eating salad and yogurt many times, but I’m not only like that.”

Seeing the food she ordered, Sohee was very excited. She added, “I don’t stack kimbap up when having a birthday party at home. I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said, making a four-tiered kimbap cake. The production crew prepared a surprise cake, and Sohee said with happiness, saying, “I was just thinking about what to eat, so this cake was unexpected.”

It came to the time for her to give herself a ‘self birthday present’. So-hee comforted herself that “I bought a present with pleasure. I flexed because it’s my birthday” Then, “I really wanted to buy it but it’s so pricey. It isn’t a Doljabi (a fortune telling ritual at the first birthday party) birthday ring. I had no choice but to buy it for decoration. I bought a Chanel ring. If you wear it by layering it looks prettier so I bought a thin ring too.”

She added, “I went to buy a ring, and the shoes were too pretty so I bought some shoes too. white color for summer and my feet look prettier, so I bought white sandals. I hope it’s my birthday every day” she laughed.

Source: Nate

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