To cast this actress, audition staff even had to ask for the help of the town office

Actress Kim Ha-neul first began her career as a model then turned to become an actress

Kim Ha-neul will return on the small screen with tvN’s new drama “Kill Heel”. “Kill Heel” depicts the endless desires and desperate struggles of three women in the world of home shopping. Actresses Lee Hye-young and Kim Sung-ryeong will appear in this drama alongside Kim Ha-neul. In this work, Kim Ha-neul takes on the role of Woo-hyun who aims for the top position as a home shopping show host.

Kill Heel

Having worked together with many male actors, Kim Ha-neul answered an interview a few years ago, saying that she wanted to work with actresses. She decided to participate in the drama this time because it gave her stronger and more impressive feelings than she thought. 

Kim Haneul

It has been 25 years since Kim Ha-neul’s debut but she revealed that she had never tried this kind of acting before. Accordingly, there is no difficult scene but it makes her feel attractive and joyful. The actress said that she was very excited and enjoyed the shooting.

SBS “Healing Camp”
SBS “Healing Camp”

Kim Ha-neul first began her career as a model for the fashion brand “Storm” in 1996. She applied as a model because she wanted to meet Deux’s Kim Sung-jae, who she had always admired ever since her school days. However, it was revealed that only male models were selected at that time. (The final winner turned out to be actors Song Seung-heon and So Ji-seob).


However, the people in charge of the audition remembered Kim Ha-neul so they came to meet her again when they began to select female models a year later. Therefore, Kim Ha-neul was finally cast. There was also an interesting anecdote. When Kim Ha-neul changed her phone number, they even asked for the help of the town office in order to find and cast her.

Jo Sungmo’s “To Heaven” music video
Jo Sung-mo’s “To Heaven” music video

Kim Ha-neul then started her career as an actress after leaving a great impression on the public with her appearance in the music video of Jo Sung-mo’s song “To Heaven” in 1998. After that, she was reborn as a trustworthy actress who makes a big hit every time she appears in a movie or drama.

Movie “Ditto”
Movie “Ditto”

Kim Ha-neul has been seen the most in romance works. She proved her outstanding acting skills through different genres and even won Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for the movie “Blind”. Many fans are looking forward to Kim Ha-neul’s charismatic acting that she has not shown before in “Kill Heel”.

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