“V is coming”, BTS V will have a solo pictorial on Vogue Korea’s October issue 

BTS V will release a solo pictorial, which was shot in New York, through the October issue of Vogue Korea.

On September 3rd, Vogue Korea editor Shin Kwang Ho posted a photo of V on his Instagram with the caption “V is coming”, signaling a personal pictorial of the male idol. Previously in January, BTS V decorated the special edition for Vogue and GQ’s first collaboration, and now, he’s getting a solo pictorial on Vogue.   

Earlier, when V left New York in August, Son Eun Young, Vogue Korea’s fashion director, revealed a styling reference printed with the title “V x Vogue Korea”, hinting at V’s New York photoshoot for Vogue.  

BTS V Vogue

Fans around the world, who have been looking forward to V’s solo fashion magazine pictorial, cheered enthusiastically as they trended “V IS COMING” on social platform Twitter.  

In the past, V has shown various works with visuals that match his title of “World’s Most Handsome Man”, as well as his talent as a sensual model. His cool and alluring eyes, called “the miracle of monolids”, and unique poses that utilize long, fine hands in a genius manner are simply unmatched. 

V’s poses and eye aura in pictorials and videos have been praised by industry experts and loved by the public for the various images they can bring, from dizzying sexiness to defenseless boyhood. 

BTS V Vogue

As a matter of fact, contents of V, such as his stage fancams, Vlogs, and various advertisements, record extremely high views among other idols. 

K-pop columnist Isak Choi once described V’s face as “not just handsome” but “inspiring”. “V’s face has a narrative, so he becomes both a work and a poet through the camera”, he said. 

Meanwhile, New York fashion columnist and creator Caroline Maris once praised V, saying, “V himself becomes a style because he understands everything as a style.”

 In June, V attended the Celine Fashion Show, which marked the end of Paris Fashion Week, at the direct invitation of Creative Director Hedi Slimane. Here, the male idol was not only treated with utmost respect, including a private jet flight and a suite that cost 20 million won per night, but was also written as “the highlight of the fashion show” by local media sites.  

Source: Daum

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