Unlucky KPOP hits that didn’t win a single trophy on music shows

It is hard to believe that these hit songs broke various records but didn’t get any cup on music shows.

Making a song that would be loved by the public is one of the happiest things to an idol. Many artists have raised their popularity with hit songs that ranked high on charts. However, there were some cases in which the songs are being loved globally and broke numerous records but didn’t manage to win a single cup on Korean music shows.

Next Level – aepsa

Due to the success of Next Level, aespa has made their name be known worldwide. This song was released on May 17 and has become the favorite song of global KPOP fans and other artists. It also charted No.97 on Billboard Global 200 and at No.54 on Billboard Global (excluding the U.S market).

However, what more interesting is that having been released for 3 months, Next Level couldn’t earn any cup for aespa on weekly music shows. Even though it often got into the final shortlists, unluckily, the song’s highest achievement was the 2nd rank. 

Only you – Miss A

Right before their disbandment, Miss A was still able to make one more hit. Only You is a really catchy song that drove KPOP fans crazy right after its release. The song was released in 2015 and rapidly ranked No.1 on Gaon Digital Chart.

Receiving huge love from the public, Only You didn’t win any music shows. Fans often express their regret for this song because, after this hit, Miss A went on a long hiatus then disbanded in 2017.

Dope – BTS

Dope is considered a hit that brought the name of BTS to spread beyond the land of Korea. Not long after its release, the song ranked 11 on Billboard World Digital Songs and reached No.3 at the end of its promotion period. However, it’s unbelievable even to their fans that Dope couldn’t win even 1 cup on Korean weekly music shows.

Me Gusta Tu – GFriend

Me Gusta Tu by GFriend is another unlucky song that has yet to win a single trophy at Korean music shows. After a fancam of the GFriend members slipping and falling eight times during a performance went viral, the song became immediately renowned. As a result, the song amassed a long list of remarkable successes on several charts, including Olleh Music, Mnet…, and has surpassed 100 million streams on Gaon so far.

Roller Coaster – Chungha

Despite being highly popular at the time of its release, Chungha’s hit song “Roller Coaster” has yet to win a music show trophy. Roller Coaster received many major music awards at the end of 2018 and early in 2019, including Best Solo Dance Track of the Korea Popular Music Awards, Best Dance Performance – Solo (MAMA), and Digital Bonsang.

Shine – Pentagon

The audience seemed to be too familiar with the melody of the song Shine. However, few people are aware that this song has experienced several challenges since its first release. Shine was released in April 2018; however, it received little attention. Shine even didn’t make it into Melon’s top 100.

However, it’s likely that the Pentagon personnel were surprised when the song’s dance became viral and was warmly promoted by several celebrities. Despite its lack of notable accomplishments, Shine has become the Pentagon’s pride.

There are Kpop songs that are so viral and once rocked the world yet did not receive a single trophy on Korean music shows. On the other hand, these songs will still become legendary, substantially contributing to their owners’ reputations.

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