TWICE Sana exhausted after US concert? Collapse the moment lights went off

Fans are worried over the health of Sana, who has become noticeably thinner and even collapsed on stage after TWICE’s Chicago concert.

On June 26th, a topic titled “What is it, Sana has lost a lot of weight”, was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing a lot of attention. 


In the post, the original poster stated that while Sana has always been slim, she seems to look extremely thin nowadays, and raises concern about her weight loss. Fans in the comments also show their worries, stating that TWICE’s schedules have been “ridiculous”, with the girl group traveling back and forth between the US and Korea and dense tour dates.

Amidst these worries, videos filmed during TWICE’s concert in Chicago, USA, started to spread across the net. 


In one of the videos, Sana can be seen collapsing the moment the stage lights went off, shocking group members and fans alike. Meanwhile, another video shows the female idol falling mid-stage.

Upon seeing the video, fans suspect that Sana has been exhausted by TWICE’s packed tour schedule. She even had to leave temporarily to use oxygen to recover her breath. At the same time, some suspect that the poor air quality in Chicago due to recent forest fires caused Sana to be hard of breath. 


Luckily, Sana was able to return to stage in better health after a short break. She can be seen saying that she’s fine to member Dahyun, who pats her back in consolation. 

Source: Pann, Twitter 

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