“Twenty Five, Twenty One”: Sometimes separation is the best ending

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” ends in the viewers’ regret about the love story of Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri.

On April 3, tvN’s drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” aired its last episode. Many viewers have expressed dissatisfaction with Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) not ending up together, but sometimes separation is the best and most realistic ending.

Twenty Five, Twenty One” is supposed to be a healing drama, but the more you watch it, the more pain you feel. Despite knowing in advance that Yi Jin and Hee Do would not become endgame, many viewers still watched the drama until the final episode. Because the refreshing and meaningful moments of youth in “Twenty Five, Twenty One” are what make the drama worth watching. 

Twenty Five Twenty One

Yi Jin and Hee Do first called each other’s names in the summer and officially got together in the winter. Their story begins with the summer water at the old high school and their love blossoms under the falling winter snow. Like any first love story, it is pure, passionate, beautiful but regretful and lingers for the rest of your life. 

Yi Jin and Hee Do spent their youth together, loving and supporting each other with their whole hearts. From when they first had their hearts fluttered at only 18 and 22, until they turned 21 and 25 and got madly in love. Yi Jin and Hee Do were always like that, they always made sure their support reached each other no matter how old they were.

Twenty Five Twenty One

They hated what happened when they were young for taking away their dreams, but growing up, things still stopped them from being together, and they had to accept it. Yi Jin still has to pursue a career as a reporter, Hee Do still needs to keep fencing. They have to continue writing their own life stories, even without each other.

Twenty Five Twenty One

Yi Jin and Hee Do did not break up because they no longer have affection for each other. When the support has no longer reached each other, perhaps breaking up is the sweetest encouragement. Their one love story is so precious that Yi Jin and Hee Do both try to preserve it;  Hee Do’s mother, Yi Jin’s sunbae, and friends all support them;  the audience has high hopes for them, but in the end, they had to split ways. 

Twenty Five Twenty One

As the producer said, “We want to recall the meaning of the first love remaining in the vague memory through the process of falling in love and breaking up between Hee Do and Yi Jin.” Whatever the outcome, Yi Jin and Hee Do had a beautiful and admirable time together.  They can’t be together in the following days, but Yi Jin and Hee Do’s hearts always go to each other with never-ending support.  In the following days they will still be happy, but unfortunately, not happy together.

When they meet again 7 years later, Yi Jin has become a broadcaster and Hee Do has become the “king of fencing.” At that time, they have achieved their life’s dream, even if they had to sacrifice the love of their lives. Above all, they still welcome, greet, and silently support each other with gentle looks.

Twenty Five Twenty One

First love is not the first person they fall in love with, but the first time they truly love someone.  Yi Jin and Hee Do are each other’s first love.  Their love is so beautiful, so brilliant that many years later when they meet again or when they think about it, they can still smile happily. Many viewers still regret the broken love story of Hee Do and Yi Jin.  But for Yi Jin and Hee Do, that was enough.  They have spent their entire youth to love and support each other, so there is nothing to regret.

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