“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” camera director’s words when Nam Joo-hyuk made an unintentional NG

Actor Nam Joo-hyuk unintentionally made an NG.

On March 23rd, a video titled “(Making) Baekdo Youth Index exploded at Taeyang High School’s festival = 2521% (I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the subtitle you expected)” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “tvN drama“.

The making video contained the story behind NGs of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”.

This is a scene where Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) and Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) were looking around the broadcasting room. Na Hee-do discovered Baek Yi-jin’s name on an old recording tape and found out that he was a senior at Taeyang High School.

Kim Tae-ri led Nam Joo-hyuk to the broadcasting room in the hope of doing a broadcast. The two should have been surprised to see Ji Seung-wan (Lee Joo-myung) in the broadcasting room, but NGs kept coming out.

twenty five twenty one

Nam Joo-hyuk re-shooted surprising scenes one after another. Nam Joo-hyuk, who was monitoring, grabbed his left chest and right chest alternately, saying, “Isn’t my heart here?”, which drew laughter.

The camera director approached Nam Joo-hyuk, touched his shoulder and said, “Your shoulders are too wide. Narrow a bit.” The caption wrote, “A shoulder gangster who is hard to capture on camera.” There was an NG because Nam Joo-hyuk’s shoulders were not entirely caught by the camera angle. Nam Joo-hyuk responded sensibly by narrowing his shoulders.

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