Tukutz, a member of Epik High, suddenly disappeared from Korean portal Naver 

Epik High member Tukutz kept the promise to change his stage name after the trio’s new album topped a Korean music chart. 

On the afternoon of February 1st, DJ Tukutz, a member of hip hop trio Epik High, posted a photo on his Instagram.

Epik High

The published photo contains DJ Tukutz’s application to change the stage name on his Naver profile, from “DJ Tukutz” to “In Saeng 4kutz”. It seems that he plans to be active under the stage name In Saeng 4kutz for a while. 

Epik High Tukutz

In response to this, fellow Epik High member Tablo had a great laugh and left a comment saying, “Your words and actions match”. 

Previously, DJ Tukutz appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” and made a promise to change his name from Tukutz to In Saeng 4kutz if Epik High’s new album “Strawberry” tops the music chart. 

Epik High Tukutz
Epik High Tukutz

Regarding this, Tablo cracked everyone up by saying, “If we achieve first place, Tukutz will change his name to In Saeng 4kutz and the album title to ‘Defense and Strawberry’.”

Afterwards, Epik High’s new title song, “Catch”, which features MAMAMOO member Hwasa, took first place on the Korean music platform Genie, satisfying the condition of Tukutz’s promise. 

In fact, this was not the first time Tukutz changed his stage name. Previously, the DJ worked as “Male” for a while after his song reached No. 1 on the music charts. 

Epik High

On the other hand, Epik High’s new album “Strawberry” was released on online music sites at 6PM (KST) on February 1st. The album contains 5 tracks, including “On My Way”, “Catch”, “Strawberry”, “Down Bad Freestyle”, and “God’s Latte”. It is known that GOT7 Jackson participated in “On My Way” and MAMAMOO Hwasa featured in “Catch”.

Source: wikitree

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