True all-rounders among 4th Gen K-pop female idols: Wonyoung (IVE) is on the list despite her bad singing, Karina and Ryujin were criticized for being unworthy.

Netizens argue fiercely to pick out the top 4 most talented female idols of the new generation of Kpop.

The Korean music industry is witnessing the transition of a new generation of idols with a series of 4th Gen idols debuting. Although 4th Gen idols are expected to continue the tradition of talented boys and girls of their seniors, the number of idols who meet the criteria for both talent and beauty is in fact only a few.

Recently, Knet and international netizens had a heated debate to choose 4 female idols who deserve to be considered the all-rounders of the new generation Kpop music industry. As expected, Jang Wonyoung – a trending name in recent days was also nominated for a spot even though she was constantly criticized for her talent. Among the top 4 selected by Knet themselves, only 1 name received consensus and praise.

Wonyoung (IVE)

Although having made 2 debuts as the center of a girl group in just 3 years, Jang Wonyoung has not yet shown her outstanding personal ability in dance or vocals. The only thing Knet recognizes in the former IZ*ONE member is her youthful, pure beauty and captivating smile.

Her beauty is here, but the talent is still not found. If considered fairly, Wonyoung is probably far from the all-rounder title that Knet has given her.

Karina (aespa)

Karina‘s beauty was verified when she flaunted her beautiful figure under both reporters’ lenses and fans’ regular cameras. The title of “AI beauty” unexpectedly suits the aespa leader. Thanks to this, Karina has created her own image which makes her different from other visuals of her age.

In terms of talent, Karina can indeed be considered as an all-rounder when her singing, dancing, rapping skills are all above average. However, she does not really stand out in the Gen 4 idol group, leading to many people feeling dissatisfied with Karina‘s all-rounder title.

Ryujin (ITZY)

In terms of charisma only, perhaps it is impossible to surpass Ryujin on this list. She really deserves the title of 4th Gen’s “legendary center” when she digests all kinds of concepts from mature to full of personality. Every time Ryujin steps on stage, Kpop fans’ eyes are wide open at her diverse and attractive expressions.

In addition, Ryujin is also one of the top female dancers of the 4th Gen. ITZY‘s center dancing skills can be compared to anyone. However, due to the limited rap and vocal skills, netizens still find it difficult to accept lon the list.

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

The “final boss” of the 4th generation Kpop is probably Soyeon ((G)I-DLE). In the history of Korean music, there are few female idols who are as good at all four aspects of vocal – dance – rap – composing as Soyeon. Most people agree that the leader (G)I-DLE is on a “different level” compared to today’s female idols.

Soyeon‘s face does not fit into the standard of Korean beauty, but still exudes her own charisma and aura. After participating in “Produce 101” season 1 and officially debuting under Cube, Soyeon gradually gets her beauty recognized by Knet. Indeed, if only one female idol could be selected as the true all-rounder of the 4th generation Kpop, the final winner would undoubtedly be Soyeon.

Netizens’ mixed reactions:

– Just kidding, how are the other 3 on par with Soyeon? It’s a bit shocking to see Jang Wonyoung to be on this list. Besides being pretty, what other talents does she even have? Her singing is not as good as anyone else, her dancing is mediocre, and her spirit on stage is also monotone. Ryujin and Karina are okay, but standing on the same level with Soyeon is actually quite extraordinary.

– People often say: Rap YG – Vocal SM – Dance JYP and Cube is Jeon Soyeon. Soyeon is at a level that no one can match. Cube is so lucky to have Soyeon.

– Who can compare with Shin Ryujin’s aura? She is worthy of the best center of the 4th generation, she can do every style!

– My bias is Ryujin but honestly, none of the 3 have a chance to compare with Soyeon. Such a comparison is a bit lame. Soyeon is on another level.

– ITZY should be Yeji, and IVE should be Yujin!

– What are you guys thinking when saying that Karina doesn’t deserve? Do we need to say anything more about her? If Soyeon excels at rapping, then Karina’s vocals are the best in this lineup. And Karina can both rap and dance. Out of 4 people, Karina is only inferior to Soyeon.

– Karina’s fans keep deifying her. Soyeon is on another level, it’s no use arguing.

– Jang Wonyoung is full of talent? I can see her beauty, but where is the talent? Now I know that Knet judges idols only by popularity.

– Soyeon is on another level, she is the best. Who can even compete with her?

– Is Wonyoung’s talent her face?

– Karina and Soyeon are not debatable. As for Wonyoung, you should take a look at her talent, attitude!

– Soyeon and Ryujin are too far away from Karina and Jang Wonyoung!

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