Troye Sivan reveals receiving death threats after asking for more information about a male idol

Troye Sivan confessed he received death threats after showing a liking for Stray Kids Hyunjin. 

After meeting each other briefly at a fashion show, the American singer Troye Sivan had a crush on Stray Kids Hyunjin. He shared videos about the male idol and asked his fans how to contact him. 

Fans quickly pointed to Bubble, the fan communication app to talk to artists, where the “Bloom” singer could talk to Hyunjin. They also hoped the two could meet up for a future collaboration. At first, Troye positively responded to fans. However, a few days later, he uploaded a TikTok with the caption, “That’s the last time I publicly crush on a K-pop star. I almost got murdered.”  

Troye Sivan hyunjin
Troye Sivan had a crush on Stray Kids Hyunjin and hoped to become his friend 

More than a month later, the Australian singer revealed in detail what happened. In an interview with Apple Music, he shared that he found Hyunjin a beautiful and handsome guy and grew more interested in him after diving deep into the idol’s dancing videos. He further revealed that he posted the video about Hyunjin on TikTok without much thinking and received many “cute messages.” At the same time, he also got death threats. 

In the past, because Troye used his song “Rush” with clips about Hyunjin, some fans believed he was using the Stray Kids member for publicity, leading to extreme responses such as death threats. While it has been a month, some viewers noticed that the “Fools” singer still felt afraid recalling the event. 

Troye Sivan hyunjin
Troye Sivan revealed he received death threats from fans who alleged he was using Hyunjin for publicity 

Nonetheless, when the Apple Music host asked whether Troye still wanted to collaborate with Hyunjin in the future, he said he was willing to do it “in a heartbeat,” raising expectations. 

Source: KB 

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