Top 7 songs with the most wins in the first half of 2019: Why is BLACKPINK and TWICE falling behind?

TWICE and BLACKPINK’s number of trophies cannot surpass that of artists who are less famous compared to them.

6 months of 2019 have passed, many big names and rookies of K-Pop have released their own projects. Apart from many other achievements, weekly music show trophy is also a criteria to decide the success of a song. Let’s take a look at the top 7 song with the most weekly music show wins in the first half of 2019.

GFRIEND – “Sunrise” (6 wins)

With their first comeback in 2019 with the 2nd full album and the title track “Sunrise”, GFriend has got a total of 6 wins. The Source Music girl group will soon have another comeback on July 1st with the mini album :Fever Season” and the title track “Fever”.

MV “Sunrise” – GFRIEND

MAMAMOO – “gogobebe” (7 wins)

After Hwasa’s successful solo debut, MAMAMOO returned wih “gogbebe” which brought them many impressive achievement. The group has got a total of 7 wins on weekly music shows.

MV “gogobebe” – MAMAMOO

Chung Ha – “Gotta Go” (7 wins)

After a series of big hits which open up a succesful solo career, Chung Ha continued with “Gotta Go” – the opening song for K-Pop’s 2019. With the love from the Korean public, “Gotta Go” continued the successive achievements of Chung Ha, gave her not just the first win in her career but 7 wins.

MV “Gotta Go” – Chung Ha
Chung Ha happily received her first win on weekly music show.

IZ*ONE – “Violeta” (7 wins)

The super rookies of 2018 continues to soar high after their debut with the April comeback, “Violeta”. This song has brought IZ*ONE 7 trophies on music shows.

MV “Violeta” – IZ*ONE

ITZY – “Dalla Dalla” (9 wins)


Living up to the title of “JYP’s girl groups”, ITZY has had a successful debut with 9 wins for “DALLA DALLA”. Apart from this, their digital sales was very impressive which is predicted to bring ITZY a “Song of the Year” at end-of-the-year awards shows.

ITZY is also the fastest girl group to achieve the first win after debut.

SEVENTEEN – “Home” (10 wins)

The representatives from PLEDIS Entertainment – SEVENTEEN surprised everyone with 10 wins for “Home”. These 13 boys has proved their title of one of the hottest boy groups at the moment with their impressive album sales which is only behind that of BTS.


BTS – “Boy With Luv” (21 wins)

Needless to say, BTS’s “Boy With Luv” is not just the song with the most trophies in 2019, but a record of the most trophies for a song in K-Pop history.

MV “Boy With Luv” – BTS (ft. Halsey)

Looking at the chart above, it’s can easily be seen that the two most famous names of K-Pop at the moment – TWICE and BLACKPINK – are absent. Both “Fancy” and “Kill This Love” has a very good performance on digital charts, album sales, and Youtube views but these YG and JYP girl groups only win 3 – 4 wins during their promotion. The main reason for this, many netizens have debated, is because of them focusing too much on abroad schedules (concerts, events,…). Also, because their comeback was quite close to BTS’s impressive one.

…and TWICE didn’t receive many win in the first half of 2019.

Source: Kenh14

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